Military in my own Civilization: crossroads

After the release of Civilizations Bilder 0.2.6 I have to make one important decision. I ask you to share your suggestions and help me with it.

Right now I have a classic (almost) unit model to represent an army. Wars look like this:

But also I have a prototype of unitless military advances, using a cellular automaton mechanics. It's like this:

Which of those war models do you like more? Or, perhaps, you could advice on a compromise?


  1. Hello. That unit less mecanism looks intriguing.
    The main question is it interresting in terms of gameplay? (But to be honest I often am bored when I need to move teens of units in it is worth a try)

    1. Thank you! Sorry for the delay with the answer. Did you have time to test an experimental gameplay mode in the Alpha version?

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