Welcome to my developer's blog! I'm in GameDev since 2010 and I constantly improve my skills. Pick any game you like and play it - I'm sure you'll have fun.
11 Seconds 
This game of multiple minigames in one was inspired by Ludum Dare 27 theme: "10 seconds". But I'll give the players not 10, but 11 seconds to complete each of the 11 levels. The 11th second is special and if you figure out what's so special with it, you'll reach the top score.
Hawkeye Gamer 
The sequel to my famous "Do You Know Flash Games?" is here! Now the questions are screenshot-related. Will you recognize your favourite game characters when you see them?
Cards Wars 
Have you ever wanted to command an army of playing cards, just like in “Alice in Wonderland”? Now you can! Send your card soldiers to battle and make them conquer countless lands for you in this turn-based strategy that is a unique mix of Risk and War, the classic card game.
Do You Know Flash Games? 
I'm sure you like playing games. So do I! And do you know much about them? Answer 200+ interesting questions about great flash games in this quiz, score points and earn the achievements.
Sky Control 
You're an air traffic controller. Planes enter your zone of responsibility and your task is to guide them safely to the exit beacons. Weather, birds and aliens are the obstacles which you have to overcome.You can spend earned points to purchase radar upgrades, which will help you much.
5 Brain Teasers 
Solve five the most challenging logical puzzles, described in the books by famous mathematicians. Each puzzle has 3 difficulty levels. Perform tasks to receive achievements.
I Wanna Win! 
Play this fun game and win all the trophies. There are 25 interesting levels with various types of gameplay.
Save the Paintings 
All the world-famous paintings have disappeared and only you can restore them.

But don't worry: artistic skills are not required to win this game. The magic brush will do the most of work.
Snow Tree 
You control the snow in this unique winter game. Grow the highest tree of snow and collect all the gifts and achievements.
Alien Anarchy 
The group of brave space voyagers made a crash landing on a distant planet. They’ve encountered hostile inhabitants who claimed to cut the invaders’ heads off. So, now you have to defend your crew as long as possible while repairing the ship.

Game reviews from Ludum Dare 35

At Ludum Dare 35 I reviewed 21 games. It's incredible how much a developer can make within 48 hours. So many great concepts and amazing implementations!
The LD theme this year was "Shapeshift". The most obvious interpretation of this theme was a shape-changing main hero with shape-related abilities. And it's a delight that most of the developers didn't follow the obvious route, but interpreted "Shapeshift" in various ways and very creatively.


Cloudy Shaman: quick reaction. Tap, swipe and clear the sky!

This is an excellent game to train your reaction and decision-making in quickly changing circumstances!

You are a shaman who works at an airport. You should cast good weather. The screen is your tambourine - show how good your reaction and decision-making are!

My video reviews

I participated in Ludum Dare 33 and I made the video reviews for those developers who followed me on Twitter and who commented my submission.

I'm going to do the same at Ludum Dare 35. For now you can check my reviews from LD33:


Gathered my conference badges: speaker's and attendee's. Soon I'll add a separate post about each of them.

Strategic Tic-Tac-Toe: play tic-tac-toe while you are playing tic-tac-toe

You play on 9 boards of regular Tic-Tac-Toe. But the board where you will make your next move is defined by your opponent's previous move. This adds much to the game's strategic component.

Save the Paintings 2: sequel of a successful game

This game is a sequel of our successful title "Save the Paintings". You'll travel the world's most known museums and restore the art masterpieces, which we damaged by the inhabitants of an abstract dimension.

There are 30 paintings from 6 countries: Germany, England, France, Netherlands, Russia and Spain.

Fair Chess: turn-based strategy with simultaneous moves

Forget everything you knew about chess! (Well, except the movement rules).

In Fair Chess neither side has the advantage of the first move (or the advantage of seeing the opponent's move and using a counter-strategy). Figures move simultaneously. In cases of collision the outcome is defined by random.

With simultaneous moves we've got a completely different game: dynamic, thrilling and unexpected. It appeals both to the chess-fans and to those who don't play the usual chess much.

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