Emitter: launch the waves. My Global Gam Jam entry

The theme of this year's Global Game Jam was "WAVES". I was busy with organizational issues at the Ukrainian location, but at night between Saturday and Sunday I managed to cut several hours from my sleep and made a prototype.

After the jam I completed the game and now I'm ready to release the game.

Tools used:
Flash Develop - IDE
Starling - graphics engine
Enhance - quick ads and analytis integration (it took me 3 minutes to integrate the banner, interlevel ads and retention measuring)

Get Emitter: launch the waves from PlayMarket

This is a wave puzzle. You'll see a pattern on the screen. Find, where and when to launch the waves to fit the required pattern. To win you'll need great precision and perfect timing.

As you play this puzzle more, various wave types will appear: circles, squares, triangles, pentagons and hexagons. The waves will reflect from the sides of the screen. Think and define where they must be emitted. The gampleay GIF explains the gameplay quite well, I suppose :)

The sound of real ocean waves accompanies your play, creating  a unique relaxing experience while you are solving the puzzles. Your previous results are stored and you can easily see how you progress and how your puzzle solving skill is betting better every day.

So, you are welcome to play and rate the game. And in the meanwhile I'll get back to my own Civilization development :)

This is how conquests will work in My Own Civilization

You won't need to handle hordes of units one-by-one. Just draw your strategic orders on the map - and your people will start working to perform them. Join the facebook group to learn more of the development

Military in my own Civilization: crossroads

After the release of Civilizations Bilder 0.2.6 I have to make one important decision. I ask you to share your suggestions and help me with it.

Right now I have a classic (almost) unit model to represent an army. Wars look like this:

But also I have a prototype of unitless military advances, using a cellular automaton mechanics. It's like this:

Which of those war models do you like more? Or, perhaps, you could advice on a compromise?

Tutorial: how to quickly integrate Admob Banner into your mobile game or app without a single line of code

Free FGL Enhance service was updated. And now you can add static AdMob Banners into your apps. This function was requested by many developers.

 I remember how hard I tried to add Admob into my first mobile game in 2014. It took me no less than 5 evenings to do this. At first I learnt that there is a commercial Milkman ANE, which cost is around $40. Then found a free Pozirk ANE. Spent much time on integration, struggling with application.xml, bugfixing, and every time when I made changes I had to re-compile the app.

Yesterday I've tested banner integration with FGL Enhance - this took me only 3 minutes, no more. If I wanted to show/hide the banner, then I might need 5 minutes, including adding the connecting drag-and-drop library and writing the code.

How to add banner into your mobile game

1. Enter FGL Enhance. Select, which SDK to integrate. You can select multiple various SDKs using this service, for this tutorial we'll pick only Admob from "I want to choose SDK myself".

Tutorial: how to quickly integrate Admob Banner into your mobile game or app

Strategy interface video of Civilizations Builder

Thank you very much for playtesting the initial version of "Civilizations Builder". Got multiple useful suggestions from you, working hard to implement them. And now I'm ready to show the current strategic interface.

Unlike Sid Meyer's Civilization (which, I think, is an ingenious game, but needs some adjustments), you won't need to build a scout, then move the scout to one cell, then to another. Instead you'll need just to set up a strategic task "sentry", and your people will do the rest.

The same works for all the other aspects: colonization, revolution, terrain improvement, wars.
Join the Facebook group!

Civilizations Builder - first testing

We proudly present the first playable version of our own mobile turn-based strategy.

Civilizations Builder

Download from Google Play
Download .apk file directly
Web version (For Flash Player 23+)
Desktop version (for Windows)
Facebook group

As this is the first version, without a proper tutorial, please, read this manual carefully.

First you should develop your territory. Press the bottom-left button (with a scroll) and then the 2nd bottom button (with a shovel).

You can build:

- hunters camp (+ 1 to food, +1 to sentry)
- field (+1 to food)
- mine (+1 to labor)
- fishermen willage (+1 to food)
- obelisk (+1 to rule)

When you tap a building button, the hexes, which allow this type of building, will be highlighted. When you tap one of the hexes, the confirmation window will appear.

If you want to cancel building in progress, tap it and press (X) in the info panel.

Also right on the first move you'll need to set up territory sentry (2nd top button with a spyglass)

If you tap your city, the city panel will be open (to the right). You'll be able to build and upgrade your buildings, or launch the projects of direct labor conversion to other resources.

Buildings (from right to left):

- granary (+10% food)
- temple (+10% rule)
- housing (+2 living space)
- forge (+10% labor)
- diplo academy (more effective labor to soft power conversion)
- scouts school (more effective labor to recon conversion)

The initial labot to other resources conversion rate is 10:1, but it can be increased by building and upgrading the appropriate buildings.

Also on the city panel you'll see the city name, it's population level and living capacity.
Then there's a list of resources produced in this province.
The disaster points accumulated here. For now there are 2 disasters: hunger and overpopulation (crowd).

When hunger+crowd>10*citypopulation, then one citizen leaves the city. But if you are building a colony, the "crowd" disaster points can be spent to expedite its building.

When the colony is established, it will give you 10% of its resources. But this will create revolutionary thoughts there. To handle them you must create a diplomatic influence (top in the left column) project in your colony. Eventually you'll be able to integrate it fully into your empire.

But beware! There are 2 AI-controlled countries in the game. They micht create a diplomcy influence project in your capital. And you'll notice nothing until one day you'll see that you are someone's sattelite. To avoid this, build obelisks and upgrade the temple.

End turn button - in the bottom-right screen. corner.

You can exit to the main menu via settings (top-left button) and create another map. You can set the map type and the water percentage.

We will be happy to know your opinion and suggestions.

Gameplay of My Own Civilization

This Saturday I can share an animated gif of my own turn-base strategy gameplay.

Here you see as I start, improve terrain, explore territory. Then I found a colony. I begin spending my soft-power points to keep the colony controlled and avoid it declaring independence.

Later you can notice how I failed at this as the colony's border colour is changed and its own flag appears on the city icon.

As the colony becomes an independent country, it gains an ability to found own colonies.

For the debug purposes I show the current projects of all the nations on the map (even in the fog of war). In the actual version you'll see only your projects and those ones which interact with you: propaganda, war, etc

I need to adjust gameplay coefficients to balance the process of empire growth/collapse.

Within next week I'll do this, integrate convenient controls and informers to make the game ready for the pre-alpha test.


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