Babel Tower 1.0.8 ready!

Thank you for playing Babel Tower and giving excellent suggestions! Here's what we prepared for you in 1.0.8:

  • Science concept. After floor 11 you'll be able to get Galileo, Laboratory and Telescope. They generate Science and use it for permanent boosts
  • After restart now you can keep 20% of offline time bonus (instead of 10%), and this percentage can be increased even more with Science
  • Use keyboard arrows to navigate the screen.
  • Use Space to toggle time speeding
  • Helicopter empowered
  • On Sunday, 12th Jul the developer will be streaming. You are welcome to join and discuss the future game development direction:

Idle Coins Factory in the news

GamesKeys features Idle Coins Factory in their "Underrated Simulation Games To Play" list.
Read the full article

The game's rating is 3.9, half a year ago it was 4.2. Please, play the game and share your suggestions on what should be improved. Or, if you already like the game, don;t forget to rate it!

Babel Tower is released!

Babel Tower is our newest incremental game. It was made using HTML5 technology, it means that you can play it on any device!

Enjoy it on ArmorGames

Notebook Hovercraft

Notebook Hovercraft is our new HTML5 game. Your task is to collect all the stars on the field, avoiding collisions with red enemies. You can have more fun by making your enemies collide with each other. Click on the field to set movement direction.

Airapport is back in town! New gift codes!

Dear friends and players, we are back! We've just released a quick update for all the games to optimize them for long screens and x64 architecture. We now keep working to fulfill our earlier promises to you, implement your ideas and try new fresh gameplay ideas.

In the meanwhile, please, use these codes to boost your production in the current game worlds.

World: Transmutation

CODE: H3W5T5 Gift: x10 multiplier

World: Workshop

CODE: S4VQYD Gift: Time 2h forward

World: Clockwork city

CODE: WDFT8PB Gift: Free Chest Knocker

World: Floating islands

CODE: I6F7T9 Gift: Free Windmill

World: Assembly line

CODE: WTJ2VBY Gift: Free Coin Producer

World: Underwater

CODE: BNTQAU Gift: Double money

Codes for all 6 worlds are valid for May 2nd till 8th
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