As today is the Screenshot Saturday, I'll share the work-in-progress of the first production chain from the fifth (underwater) world of my Steampunk Idle Spinner game.

It will look like this: the underwater volcano produces oxygen, which is converted into the money by your base. The money drops to the treasure chest. You will be able to attach machines as well as to hire underwater creatures to spin your cogs faster.

The game now has 4 worlds. Workshop, Clockwork city and Floating Islands worlds are available in this Android idle game or on Kongregate, and the Assembly line world was released as a separate mobile idle game, to test different structure of the game's core. Once all the 5 worlds are set up, I'll merge them into the single game and will release to PlayMarket, Amazon, and iOS.

Games updates

Great news! This week both Engineer Millionnaire and Steampunk Idle Spinner games were updated!

Steampunk Idle Spinner goes North! Because Swedish translation was added (thanks to Pontus Ivarsson!) and Danish translation was added (thanks to Rasmus Kirkeby!) Also the Dutch translation improved (thanks to Sem Goessens!)

And in the Engineer Millionnaire game now it's much more convenient to connect cogs and build your awesome steampunk money machine. Chain connections appeared! Also cogwheels position snapping added!

How to get started in Engineer Millionnaire

Many players wonder, what to build first in the game. Here's a very useful video by Survival King
 about it:

Steampunk games forum created

You are welcome to post your ideas, bug reports, feature requests, images and videos!

Engineer Millionnaire game updated

Update is released, get Engineer Millionnaire: Steampunk Idle Tycoon on GooglePlay

Now the game has the following features:
  • Backup your world and restore it from the menu
  • Automatic coins merging for better performance
  • Machines boosts (when you see a vapour cloud - tap it!)
  • Gremlins are back! Now they wear top hats!
  • And the plane will bring you a daily reward.
Enjoy building you wonderful steampunk machines!
Our facebook group  has almost 6000 members already!

This is how the newest update of this steampunk idle spinning game was made.


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