Squirrel wheel under the sea

The Underwater steampunk idle game was updated. It has two new machines now!

Squirrel wheel: another engine, it takes oxygen to work, but as the squirrels have enough to breathe, it can be very fast!

Water filter: filters gold right from the ocean water. 

These machines become available once you earn billions of coins and will let you speed up even faster!

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Whales will bring you more oxygen in the newest update

In the newest update of "20 000 cogs under the sea" oxygen can not only be mined from the underwater volcanoes. You'll be able to build whale attractors, where whales will bring oxygen from the surface.
Later on this oxygen will be transported downto your underwater base to let you produce money.

Whale attractors become available once your upgraded base reaches halfway to the sea surface and their initial price is 200M (subject to further ballansing).

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Underwater World of Steampunk Idle Spinner: Teaser 2

The Underwater world of Steampunk Idle Spinner will feature multiple new machines, interesting gameplay solutions and improved usability, together with an enhanced visual style.

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Or get the current game's version with 3 worlds from Google Play: Steampunk Idle Spinner
You can also alpha test the Assembly line world as a separate app: Engineer Millionaire

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As today is the Screenshot Saturday, I'll share the work-in-progress of the first production chain from the fifth (underwater) world of my Steampunk Idle Spinner game.

It will look like this: the underwater volcano produces oxygen, which is converted into the money by your base. The money drops to the treasure chest. You will be able to attach machines as well as to hire underwater creatures to spin your cogs faster.

The game now has 4 worlds. Workshop, Clockwork city and Floating Islands worlds are available in this Android idle game or on Kongregate, and the Assembly line world was released as a separate mobile idle game, to test different structure of the game's core. Once all the 5 worlds are set up, I'll merge them into the single game and will release to PlayMarket, Amazon, and iOS.


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