Nominate Airapport games for the Game of the Year 2019!

Dear players! You helped so much during development. Just now we learned that Steampunk Idle Spinner (and our other games) are eligible to be nominated to Pocket Gamer's "Game of the Year", as they were fully released after Oct 1st 2018.

Please, visit this link and nominate our games.

Just to remind you, since Oct 1st 2018 we released 10 games:

Please, nominate those, which you like the best. And we will continue updating them and bringing new content and games for you!

Transmutation game is released!

Transmutation is released! It is the game about alchemy, discovery of new elements and world creation. It is available on

Have fun! Please, play the game and review it in your favorite mobile store. For us as a small team your support means really much.

This week bonuses for Steampunk Idle Spinner

Here a the codes for the weekly bonuses in Steampunk Idle Spinner. To use the codes, press this button in the top menu 

The codes work since v.1.8.6

You can get:
  • Free starter pack for Workshop (2 cogs, 1 engine, 1000 coins), 
  •  x3 money boost for Clockwork City 
  •  free Bridge for Floating Islands 

 Get the game here: (PC, Android, iOS)

New codes will appear on a regular basis in our communities:

Sometimes the unique codes will be posted only to one channel, so, be sure to join all of them!

Bonuses for codes in Airapport games!

Airapport games are gaining cool feature: possibility to enter a code and receive an instant free powerup. It was first added into Transmutation game v.0.1.3 and will appear in Steampunk Idle Spinner and other titles soon.

It works like this:
1. Press the button with a gift icon in the top menu and open the code panel:
2. Enter the code and press OK to validate

If the code is valid (it is for the current game world, your game version is not outdated and the code has not been expired), you'll receive an instant bonus.

New codes will appear on a regular basis in our communities:

Sometimes the unique codes will be posted only to one channel, so, be sure to join all of them!

Here're 2 codes for you as a start:

New machines in Steampunk Idle Spinner

Steampunk Idle Spinner was updated to v.1.8.3. The late-game in Workshop now features 2 machines, which boost the balloons productivity: Beacon and Ore transport.

Bottle Cap Challenge released as a mobile game

Mobile game about Bottle Cap Challenge, most fun challenge of 2019, is released by Airapport studio to AppStore, GooglePlay and Amazon. The game provides fun bottle cap opening mechanics and incredible challenges.

The game is available in the mobile stores

App Store:
Google Play:

Video walkthrough of the first 25 levels:


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