Bonus codes for Airapport games (valid till Jun 21st)

Bonus codes are here! Valid till Jun 21st. Have fun playing games everyone!

CODE S38M x2 multiplier World: Transmutation :world_transmutation: CODE H23IHI Time 2h forward World: Workshop :world_workshop: CODE WJSSVJ8 Free Planet World: Clockwork city :world_clockwork_city: CODE WTJ3UZ4 Free Windmill World: Floating islands :world_floating_islands: CODE WOG9S5H Free Drone World: Assembly line :world_assembly_line: CODE EYHW Double money World: Underwater :world_underwater: CODE EIAF9C2: 5 Rubies for the world Babel Tower :world_babel_tower:
CODE EIQH4R8: Tower Storey Completed! +1 for the world Babel Tower :world_babel_tower:
CODE EU7DATV: Time forward 10hour 0m for the world Babel Tower :world_babel_tower:
CODE EOCHLZ4: Free Resource: 5 Workforce for the world Farm and Mine! :world_farm_mine:
CODE EO1GB9K: Free Coins: 1K for the world Farm and Mine! :world_farm_mine:
CODE EUM13AZ: Free Resource: 100 Idea for the world Farm and Mine! :world_farm_mine: Please, remember that our country, Ukraine, is under the violent attack from Russia for 112 days already. Please, keep supporting our country and keep urging your governments to send the necessary weapons. for direct help your can use the United 24 initiative: Here you van direct funds to defense, medical aid or rebuilding. Thank you all for your support!

Idle Tower Builder updated to v.1.3.0

Game has been updated to v.1.3.0! Now new content is unlocked on every floor from 1 to 26, and the victory message will be shown once you complete floor 27 

Get it on Google Play: 



Thank you for your ideas, suggestions and support! Please, keep supporting our country, as Ukraine is still under a violent attack from Russian Federation, and the war takes over 96 days already. Just imagine: even if you count by yourself: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... 94, 95, 96, this will take you a while. And in reality every count is a war day when Russia causes murders and destruction. 

There is an initiative of support defense, medical aid and rebuild of Ukraine:
It is vital to keep the world's attention around Ukraine and its defense against murdering Russian army

Do you like our games? Please, support our country

We think that everyone has already heard that our country, Ukraine, is under violent attack from Russia. Russia sends rockets and bombers against Ukrainian cities, performs artillery strikes and tries to conquer Ukrainian land by iron and blood.

We are thankful to those players of our games who have already supported Ukraine after our announcement in the Discord community, and we'd like to reach out to all of you. Please, find the ways you can help here:

Real ways you can help Ukraine as a foreigner

Any help is appreciated and can save lives.

Just think of those pleasant moment you had while playing our free games and consider returning the favor to the country where we, game developers, live.

Cats in Farm and Mine

Farm and Mine has been updated to v.1.0.9 and now various farm facilities can receive boosts from cats who live there. Cats will become available as soon as you invent Fishing.

Here they are:

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Red cat increases the fish price on the market

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Grey cat lives at the weather station and increases the idea generation

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British shorthair increases the cheese production (by scaring away mice, who are well-known cheese addicts)

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Siamese cat can be found at the milk market. BTW, when the cats purr their bonus is increased even more

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Black cat is traditional inhabitant of a windmill

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And white fluffy Persian spends time near the source of milk

The game is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Linux.
It can be downloaded from:
Google Play:

Join our Discord community:

Happy New Year 2022

Dear friends! New Year 2022 is about to begin. 

Last year we worked hard and released 3 games:

Also we have significantly updated the core engine of our earlier games: Steampunk Idle Spinner, Engineer Millionaire, 20 000 Cogs under the Sea and Transmutation. Now you can play in both portrait and landscape modes, also the games are compliant to the newest mobile stores' requirements.

Idle Tower Builder has received the Contest mode which lets you compete in fast tower construction.

Most of the games now have screenshot sharing feature which allows you to post interesting ingame moments right to our Discord.

Our Discord community has grown significantly this year. There are over 8200 members! Thank to your activity the Discovery feature was granted to us, and now our community can be found right in Discord Search.

Of course, New Year is always about making promises. We do remember the promises we have already made to you: Eiffel Tower in Idle Tower Builder, additional worlds for Engineer millionaire about flight to the Moon and the travel to the centre of the Earth, conveyor belts for Steampunk Idle Spinner, etc. 

Within the years we have noticed, that it's better to just work and announce the new updates only when they are ready. So, we would just like to let you know that we want our games to receive new content no less than you do, and we are working towards this.

For example, this year we have fulfilled a promise made 5 years ago by releasing Conquicktory.

We thank you for staying with us, playing our games, reviewing them in the stores and suggesting new great ideas. We wish you Happy New Year! All the best wishes to you: health, luck, peace, inspiration and love to you and your friends and families!

Map types in Conquicktory

Our upcoming turn-based strategy Conquicktory has a powerful procedural generator. You'll be able to generate maps of the following types:

Pangaea. A supercontinent with occasional peninsulas and gulfs

Continents. Four big chunks of land connected with land bridges

Labyrinth. A map with long wavy paths between its parts

Chain. Connected land patches around the map

 Inner Sea. Continent of a more distorted shape, typically with a wide water basin inside

Diagonal. Long landmass stretching from one corner of the map to another

Random. Fancy landmasses, providing drastically new experience every time.

If you'd like to play the game, please, wishlist it on your favorite platform
Join our Discord and share your ideas for the future versions:

Conquicktory, our minimalistic turn-based strategy, is ready for pre-registrations!

Hello, friends! It's time to show you the game which I have always wanted to make. It is a minimalistic turn-based strategy focused on high-level decisions. I have made some progress with it 5 years ago, but later the development got stalled. BTW, it was my strategy game project, which I paused in summer 2017 to make the first version of Steampunk Idle Spinner to refresh my mind :) 

From time to time I have returned to the idea of TBS in my thoughts, and in code. Maybe you have noticed hexagonal maps in our Discord's screeshots channel? And finally, I can show you how I play Conquicktory (yes, this is the game's name). Here is the video with my voice comments: 

Players's field of actions includes diplomacy, budget spreading and strikes planning. You plan your strikes by drawing arrows on the map, and your armies follow these arrows, capturing hexes around. You can defeat the enemy army in the field battle, or outmaneuver them and cut off their supply lines.
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Cities' income is aggregated into the Empire budget. You decide, which percentage of the budget should be spent on war, and which - on peaceful development. Your armies receive reinforcements automatically depending on the funding.
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Players can declare wars and propose peace. They take into account their estimations of the third countries' threat levels when making diplomacy actions. You can check the diplomacy situation in the world on a special map view.
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If you like it, please, wishlist the game on your favorite platform


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