Idle Tower Builder v.1.1.4

First of all we'd like to thank everyone who played the game, shared results and screenshots, gave their feedback and suggestions and kept the game community going. Your support gives us power and motivation to design and develop interesting machines and facilities. While working at the game update many unanswered emails gathered in our inbox, and while we want to answer all of you personally (and will eventually do this), we are saying big THANK YOU here and now!

So, in Idle Tower Builder 1.1.4 every floor from 1 to 20 unlocks something new and interesting. Here is how the completed tower looks like now:

For the update 1.1.4 we addressed the common problem of shortage of science, so, as you complete Floor 18, deep underground the Gems lab is unlocked. It and its upgrades cost Coins, and it produces Science.

As additional outcome, the Gems Lab has a chance to find a ruby. The rubies fully retain after the tower restarts. For v.1.1.5 we are now building the interface to use the rubies for some powerful upgrades. If you have your ideas, which areas of the game can be boosted with rubies, don't hesitate to share your ideas!

Then on Floor 19 the Satellite launcher is unlocked. Spaceships were widely wanted by the community, and we designed this fun science generation facility. It costs 100B science and produces 1M science every satellite's cycle.

As you correctly noticed, on the late game stage of the game many additional resources are redundant. So, we designed the Neon lights ads. They are unlocked after 20th floor and work as motivation for your workers. When the lights are on, the production of all of your facilities is increased twice (or more, if the lights are upgraded). After a while the lights need to be recharged by consuming a random resource.

Among other changes were decreasing the prices of earlier science facilities, increasing the daily rewards in coins, fixes here and there, etc.

You can get the game from

The HTML5 version is 4 floors of content behind, because we we using different tools to build the mobile and PC version of the game. After a while we will make the web version catch up the mobile, too.

Have fun playing! And we will start working on 1.1.5 :)

Codes for games

And 2 more for Babel Tower in Idle Tower Builder:
CODE EA2YU7B: Time forward 1 day valid till Sat Oct 17 2020
CODE EAP5B26: Science multiplied x10 valid till Sat Oct 17 2020
To get codes regularly, join our Discord:


Idle Tower Builder update 1.0.9

  • On Floor 17 you can build a UFO hangar. 
  • The UFO solves stone transportation problem
  • Caravanserai and Galileo prices decreased
  • Offline earnings informer added
  • Drummer now speeds up the tower bricks carrier
  • Helicopter bombs graphics fixed 
  • Gunpowder factory is more productive and can be sped up with taps


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