Bonus codes for Airapport games (valid till Sep 16th)

These days we are running a streaming marathon playing my Farm and Mine idle city building and resource management tycoon. On the todays stream I'm going to share the bonus codes for Airapport games such as Engineer Millionaire, Steampunk Idle Spinner, Idle Tower Builder and others. You are welcome to join! 

We never forget that we can keep developing games and play with you only because the Ukrainian defense forces are protecting us. 

We keep asking all our friends from the whole world, please, keep supporting Ukraine. You can do this via UNITED24, which is President Zelenskyy's initiative. You can select which direction to support: defense, humanitarian demining, medical aid, rebuild Ukraine or education and science.

Airapport will play own idle games on a series of streams

Starting from June 14th we are launching a series of streams where the developer will play the games for 1 hour a day (30 minutes in the evening and 30 minutes in the morning), talk to the players, discuss new ideas and suggestions, answer questions, share game secrets and tactics. 

We are going to start from Idle Tower Builder game, and then proceed to Farm and Mine, Steampunk Idle Spinner, Engineer Millionaire, 20 000 Cogs under the Sean and Transmutation. 

First stream:
Airapport idle games are available for Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. 

1. Steampunk Idle Spinner
That's the game with "Incredible contraptions" vibe. You have a money-producing machine and you can make it spin faster by connecting additional cogwheels. Also you'll unlock new machines which will boost your earnings, and finally - a portal which leads to other ingame world with new discoveries.
Game contents: 4 ingame worlds with over 50 various mechanisms
Mobile links:
2. Idle Tower Builder (Babel Tower)
In this game you optimize the production of bricks needed to build the tower which reaches to space. The higher the tower becomes the more bricks you need. Every floor unlock a facility which makes a certain aspect of tower construction easier. Also you can prestige and restart construction using the bonus of Golden Bricks
Game contents: 31 floors to the victory message, 40 various facilities. Besided the main tower there is a contest mode for the Babel tower construction
Mobile links:
3. Farm and Mine
This is a city building/resource management tycoon game. You have 3 main resources: money, population and ideas. Money is used for efficiency upgrades, population is used to hire workers who will automate production and ideas unlock new facilities.
Game contents: 48 work facilities, 24 professions, 45 inventions, 6 cats
Mobile links:
4. Engineer Millionaire (Coin Factory Idle)
Engineer game expands the ideas of Steampunk Idle Spinner and is more focused on factory building. You can build a factory made of rooms and the place machines inside these rooms. In another ingame worlds you can construct an assebmly line and handle resource conversions on a conveyor belts
Game contents: 2 ingame worlds with over 35 various mechanisms
Mobile links:
5. 20 000 Cogs under the Sea (Underwater Factory)
This game was inspired by Joules Verne’s Captain Nemo adventures and features underwater steampunk contraptions. You can mine for resources on the sea bed, explore territory and eventually reach the surface.
Game contents: 1 ingame worlds with over 25 various mechanisms
Mobile links:
6. Transmutation (Idle Alchemy Lab)
This game is focused on elements conversion and world building. Convert element A to element B with a certain coefficient, then wait till element B self-converts back to element B with a slightly higher coefficient. Repeat. Use produced substances to create a world and populate it.
Game contents: 19 elements, 36 world items
Mobile links:

Steampunk Idle Spinner is live for 6 years on mobile and receives new updates regularly

Friends, we can keep developing games for you only because the Ukrainian defense forces are protecting us. This week terrorussians destroyed one of the biggest dams in Europe, causing a massive flooding and destruction.

We keep asking all our friends from the whole world, please, keep supporting Ukraine. You can do this via UNITED24, which is President Zelenskyy's initiative. You can select which direction to support: defense, humanitarian demining, medical aid, rebuild Ukraine or education and science.

You help does really matter and appreciated so much!

Coin Factory assembly line is working

A whole new world into Engineer Millionaire/Coin Factory Idle.

Here you can build an assembly line to produce coins from copper after several intermediate stages. 

The Assembly Line world is shown as closed, but all you need to unlock it is just click on the lock icon - and you'll be able to play it!

First you mine copper, then you produce copper plates from it. Eventually a machine producing copper disks from copper plates will be unlocked. And finally, you'll be able to produce copper coins!

The game is available for Windows, Android and iOS

New game world is introducing 3 new concepts:

  • Global machine class upgrade: in it you don't need to look at individual machines and upgrade their levels. Just open an upgrade panel from the top menu and you'll be able to upgrade all the machines of a class. Additional convenience here is that the upgrade buttons no longer cover machine views.
  • Easy machine dragging. Top menu contain a button to toggle a drag mode. If drag mode is on, you'll be able to drag the machines at once, without long-pressing them. Don't forget to switch the drag mode of once you need to click on the machines without dragging them.
  • Prestige restart. Yes, this feature has been long overlooked and overcomplicated in my Steampunk Idle Spiner engine. So for this one I added a simple restart mechanics, where you earn prestige depending on the number of sales you made at the market in the current run. Prestige boosts your click power, market prices and provides start money amount.

Please share you play experience (and perhaps, screenshots or your factory and a Statistics tab) to help me balance the upcoming game content.

Today is 404 days of full-scale invasion. Our country, Ukraine, needs your help to defend from terrorussians

Dear friends! 

As you know, we live in Ukraine. And on 24th Feb 2022 we, like everyone in our country, were woken up by the explosions of the terrorussian's missiles. 

Russian invasion is still going on for over a year. Every day of these 404 days the terrorussians destroy houses, schools, hospitals and kill people. Ukrainian defense forces are valiantly fighting to stop them, but the invasion is not over yet.

We stay in Ukraine and keep working: teaching and developing games. Often our work is interrupted by the air raid siren, so we have to go to the bomb shelter together with our students. Russians missiles and drones are most often aimed at the civilian infrastructure, as they want to leave us without electricity, central heating and drinking water. 

We are deeply thankful to all our friends from the whole world who are helping Ukraine and Ukrainians in this noble cause. Please, keep your life-saving support! As the terrorussians don't stop, we must not stop either. Only this way we can defeat the Evil.

There are multiple ways you can help. 

There are volunteer projects organized by game developers, such as: O-Pocket  and Gamedev under Bombs. There are bigger initiatives like Come Back Alive  or UNITED 24

Please, support a fund and a direction of your choice. Your donations can help buy life-saving supplies for the Ukrainian defenders, remove dangerous mines from the Ukrainian land, provide aid for those who had to leave their houses or lost a place to live, or rebuild barbarically damaged Ukrainian cities. 

Also you can help by sharing news about how Ukraine is defending and how it is vital to support our country. Ask your governments to provide powerful means which could give the Ukrainian defense forces leverage against the terrorussians' offensive.

We really appreciate your support!

We will win together!

Bonus codes for Airapport Games - valid till Mar 18th

 CODE EU99V9G: Science multiplied x10 for the world Babel Tower :world_babel_tower:

CODE EOVXLLO: Time forward 2hour 0m for the world Babel Tower :world_babel_tower:

CODE EU3NEJ6: Free Resource: 200 Idea for the world Farm and Mine! :world_farm_mine:

CODE EU8N1UG: Prestige increased: 2 Population Prestige. Population growth +100% for the world Farm and Mine! :world_farm_mine: CODE WQL9KWH Full Water Reservoir World: Transmutation :world_transmutation:

CODE WOG8MVI Free cogwheel World: Workshop :world_workshop:

CODE ZM6S5L Money 3 times the current World: Clockwork city :world_clockwork_city:

CODE BNEKUP Time 1h forward World: Floating islands :world_floating_islands:

CODE I6F43Y Free Drone World: Assembly line :world_assembly_line:

CODE 2VPCS1 Free Submarine Factory World: Underwater :world_underwater:

CODE R8OBDJ Free cogwheel World: Good Old Spinner :world_spinner_old:

Friends, this week terrorussians launched a new massive missile strike: 81 missiles aiming civil infrastructure (including the nuclear power station facilities). It's in addition to the daily artillery strikes which take lives of the people on the street of the cities. Here in Ukraine we keep working when we have a possibility. Please, keep supporting our country everyone. You can use UNITED24 and select which direction to support with your funds: defense and demining, medical aid or rebuilding. We will win together!

Bonus codes for Airapport games - valid till Mar 1st

  • CODE EY5TP2V: Tower Storey Completed! +1 for the world Babel Tower :world_babel_tower:
  • CODE EA2JICR: Resources Multiplied: Gunpowder x20 for the world Babel Tower :world_babel_tower:
  • CODE EAI81H7: Free Resource: 20 Max population for the world Farm and Mine! :world_farm_mine:
  • CODE EIOPU63: Prestige increased: 2 Transport Prestige. Transport capacity +40% for the world Farm and Mine! :world_farm_mine:
  • CODE Z1PD9M Full Air Reservoir World: Transmutation :world_transmutation:
  • CODE R8AXYV 1M Narrativium World: Workshop :world_workshop:
  • CODE ZM6A9R Money 3 times the current World: Clockwork city :world_clockwork_city:
  • CODE WJSSQDP Free Bridge World: Floating islands :world_floating_islands:
  • CODE WDFT5WH Free Coin Producer World: Assembly line :world_assembly_line:
  • CODE I6D5W6 Time 1h forward World: Underwater :world_underwater:
  • CODE E9E1 Money 3 times the current World: Good Old Spinner :world_spinner_old:

Friends! Just one year ago it was the night when we in Ukraine went to bed without knowing that the following morning the country would be woken up by the strikes of the terrorussian missiles and full-scale offensive from all directions. Since then we keep reaching out to you, to the whole world, with request for support. And we thank you everyone who answered our requests. Now the war is going on and the terroristic strikes do not end. Please keep supporting Ukraine via the UNITED24:
You can select the direction:
We will win together!


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