New big content update of Farm and Mine. Ice-cream, Marketing and Skyscrapers

 Our Farm and Mine is an incremental idle resource manager focsued on the production chains automation.

The very first game version was created at Ludum Dare, then released on PocketGamer Launchpad. For now it has been live for 3 years already and yesterday we released the next content update. It's based mainly on the feedback we receive for our posts here, in r/incremental_games, and also in our Discord community.

In the previous version the players faced three main inconveniences. 

1. The Refrigerator produced way too much ice to be used by the Lemonade maker. Also, after upgrading the White Cat, the milk produced by the Cow was also in abundance. So, a natural solution came - to use milk, ice and sugar to produce ice-cream! Also, this content addition aligns with the current extremely hot summer.

2. As the line of the houses grew longer, it took the transporting cart longer and longer to deliver resources to the construction site. And the players who played Idle Tower Builder suggested that we integrate the engine elements from that game into Farm and Mine. So, the construction crane was added, with own transporter cart. After its invention the player can expand the houses and gain more living places.

3. Most of the sellers' upgrades had the effect of increasing the selling price. Only the vegetable, milk and grocery sellers increased the selling quantities. And many resources tended to stockpile. So, we added Marketing invention, which is multi-leveled. With every level this invention increases the amounts of simultaneously sold goods.

Also there are several convenience/rebalansing updates. For example, now it's possible to redistribute prestige points in batches of 10, 100 or 1000. Also the prices of the goods in the Grocery were increased. And the requirements for building the initial houses are reduced to let the new players get into the game easier.

Another big addition is the Tasks system. Once in a while the player will be given a task, like "Produce 1000 Perfume". Performing this task will give resources: money, idea or prestige.

The game is available on 

Google Play (Android):

AppStore (iOS):

Itch (Windows and Linux):

Poki (Web):

Feel free to share your impressions and suggestions. 

You are welcome to our Discord:

Will you nominate Airapport as the Best Indie Developer?

Mobile Games Awards

The prestigious Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards opens its nomination phase! Time frame considered in the nominations is January 2023-June 2024. 

Within this timeframe, as we recall, many of you enjoyed our Idle Tower Builder, Farm and Mine, Engineer Millionaire, Steampunk Idle Spinner, Transmutation and other games. We released content updates. launched streaming marathons, integrated your ideas into the games.

If you enjoy our games, please, nominate us for this prestigious award - simply open the Nominations form, select Best Indie Developer on the left, and enter our studio name: Airapport, your thoughts on our games and a link to our website or to the game you liked the most.

The People's Choice voting is now open, too! Please, submit an individual game by Airapport which you like to play, as you People's Choice nomination!

Your support gives us inspiration for new ideas and updates! Thank you so much!

Farm and Mine goes fully cross-platform!

Dear players! Up to now you could play Farm and Mine on Android, iOS, Windows and Linux. And now we can announce the global launch of Farm and Mine web version!!! You can play Farm and Mine on Poki from any device, too! And the web version is fully compatible with the mobile and PC ones, and it is going to receive content updates together with them.

Also the save files and the bonus codes are compatible to all the versions! Feel free to use these ones to activate the timed bonuses which will speed up your progression:

  • EUZUMQO: Time speed x10 (2:00) 
  • EPHP7UI: Clicks x10 (1:00) 
  • EO6MWON: Transport x2 (12hour 0m)

Here is what to expect in Farm and Mine:
  • Over 60 facilities which produce resources, convert them, sell, or provide new game aspects;
  • Integrated autoclicker: just click on the facility which you want to boost and the autoclicker will do the job for you;
  • Unlimited offline time: having made sure you automated the production chains, you can leave your farm to return later and see how much did your citizens produce;
  • Interlocked resource branches: agriculture, industry and population, each one depends and empowers the other;
  • Elaborate prestige system which allows you to select which aspect of the game boost the most (and you can change your mind and try a different strategy on the next run);
  • Human-drawn buildings and characters who work everywhere in your growing city;
The current game rating on various platforms is around 4.4 - 4.8 after thousands reviews, so we hope you will enjoy the idle farming and resource mining, too. Have fun!

Airapport joins Google Play Indie Games Accelerator!

We are so happy to be selected for the Class 0f 2024 at Google Play's Indie Games Accelerator with our Farm and Mine game! We are going to work for the next four months to bring new aspects to the game, such as international trade, skyscrapers building, additional production chains, together with overall interface and stability improvements.

This is how the game looks like now: 

Its rating on Google Play is 4.8 after 1320 reviews. Feel free to check it here:

We stand with Ukraine. And we ask you for this, too

Friends, 2 years ago Russia launched a full-scale invasion against our country, Ukraine. It committed so many war crimes that it proved to be a real terrorist state. 

When the invasion began many game development communities and companies declared that their values align with freedom, rights, life, and supported Ukrainian defenders, who are protecting these exact values against the Russian invasion.

The messages "We stand with Ukraine" were so heartwarming and supported the spirit of Ukrainians who in winter 2022 amidst the explosions and air raids had to find ways to survive and protect others.

When Russia attacked Ukraine on Feb 24 2022 the world was shocked. But isn't it a much bigger shock that attacks continue for over 2 years?

Now, after 730 days, Ukraine stands, and people like us can live, only thanks to the defense of the Ukrainian defense forces. We are thankful to all our friends from the whole world who provide Ukraine with the vital supplies.

Within the recent months we see that pro-terrorussian forces are doing everything they can to delay the delivery of these lifesaving supplies. Therefore we address you, players of our games, common people like us, with a request to further support Ukrainian defenders.

Please, keep supporting initiatives such as 

If you have influence in social media, please, remind your audience about Ukraine and the ongoing war.

And, if you are not afraid, please, contact your elected representatives in your countries and ask: what are they doing to help Ukraine?

All your help is valuable and can save lives!

How to add your language into Airapport games

Airapport games such as Farm and Mine and Idle Tower Builder gathered international community: as of Nov 2023 there are over 19000 members on the games' Discord server.

To make it easier for the players who speak different languages to play the games the translation engine is included. Most of the initial translations were made automatically, but many players suggested to help with the texts improvement.

To make it easier to improve the current translations and to add new languages we created a special Github repository: Airapport Community Translations. This repository contains language files which can be edited and placed into the game's data\translations\ folder, and your changes will appear in the game at once. These files are compatible with Farm and Mine v.1.2.5 or higher and with Idle Tower Builder v.1.4.11 or higher.

How to make fixes in one of the current game languages

This repository contains 2 folders: trans/farm - with the language files for Farm and Mine and trans/tower - with the language files for Idle Tower Builder. These are json files which can be edited with any text editor. The section "phrases" of a language file contains pairs "key":"value" for the translated text. For convenience these pairs are grouped by their meaning: "general interface", "buildings", "inventions", etc. You can corrent any translation or tranlate the terms in "untranslated" groups.

Once done, please, save the file. To test your translation, please, use the Itch version of the corresponding game, and place the updated language file to the data\translations\ folder.

To let other players use your translation, please, update the file in the repository and make a pull request. Don't forget to fill in the "lang_translator" value so that we will thank you in the game!

How to add new language

Copy en.json file under another name. Fill in the "lang_code" and "lang_selfname" fields to identify new language. Add your information as "lang_translator" and tell about the state of the translation in "lang_translation_comment". And finally, change all the English texts from the keys into the desired language.

Test the translation on your game copy by placing the new file to data\translations\ folder, and once everything is ready, please, submit the new file to this repository to make it available for other players, and to be included into the mobile updates of the Airapport games, too

Thank you for your help!

Video instruction

Bonus codes for Airapport Games (valid till Nov 18th)

 Codes valid till Nov 18th. Have fun @everyone!

  • CODE EPEYCDF: Science multiplied x10 for the world Babel Tower (Idle Tower Builder)
  • CODE EUI6295: Money multiplied x10 for the world Babel Tower (Idle Tower Builder) CODE EPM31Z8: Prestige increased: 2 Transport Prestige. Transport capacity +40% for the world Farm and Mine! (Farm and Mine) CODE EUI82PJ: Prestige increased: 2 Production Prestige. Production boost +20% for the world Farm and Mine!
  • CODE S458VY x10 multiplier World: Transmutation (Transmutation)
  • CODE W5SK Free Zeppelin World: Workshop (Steampunk Idle Spinner)
  • CODE WDFUY7L Time 12h forward World: Clockwork city (Steampunk Idle Spinner)
  • CODE S4ZDF4 Time 1h forward World: Floating islands (Steampunk Idle Spinner)
  • CODE WQLVMQA Money 3 times the current World: Assembly line (Engineer Millionaire)
  • CODE WQLC1YJ Free Engine World: Underwater (20 000 Cogs under the Sea)
  • CODE WJSSDFJ Time 2h forward World: Good Old Spinner
Codes are posted every week in Airapport Games Discord community:

Friends, thank you for your support for our defenders! Please, keep doing this as today is the 627th day of the full-scale terrorussian invasion. Our work is often interrupted by the air raid alerts, but we can keep going thanks to the protection of the Ukrainian defenders and help from our friends from the whole world. Let's keep supporting Ukrainian volunteers, such as O-Pocket who gather funds for the vital supplies for the survival of Ukrainians. We will win together!


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