Three worlds are remastered in Steampunk Idle Spinner

In Steampunk Idle Spinner you can play three worlds now: Workshop, Floating Islands and Clockwork City. The gameplay differs in each world, bringing new mad science contraptions and interesting interactions.

For example, in the Floating Islands each island type now produces its own resource: water, food or oil. And bringing to the island the resources, which are not produced on it, boosts its production.

In the ClockWork City you can grow your city sideways or upwards. Every connection transports 10% less energy, which is received by the central crystal. But you can build windmills, which generate energy independently from the sun, and towers, which are energy shortcuts: they have their own crystals, which receive the sun energy.

Steampunk Idle Spinner can be downloaded from:



Google Play:


I hope you will like it :)

Steampunk Idle Spinner is released on 3 platforms!

Steampunk Idle Spinner, the game in which you can build incredible mad science contraptions and spectate them spin and earn money for you is released to 3 main mobile platforms worldwide! The game has mines, cogwheels, balloons, electric field generators, vapor collector, portal and generates awesome vibes of exploration, construction and discovery.
Steampunk Idle Spinner can be downloaded from:
Here's what to expect when you play it:

The first lines of code were written 18 months ago. Thank you, our wonderful community of steampunk players, for staying with the game, for beta testing, ideas, support and help! Now you can make your reviews visible to the world! Also I want to thank /r/incremental_games! Every post's discussion lead to very productive code changes.

And I invite you to check game's wikia, to join /r/SteampunkIdleSpinner and to share your awesome mechanical contraptions in our facebook group.

Intense 5 days pre-release testing of Steampunk Idle Spinner begins!

Friends! The first lines of code for Steampunk Idle Spinner were written 1,5 years ago. This was a very productive marathon. I spent more than 1000 hours on all the game creation aspects (and I published the entire development timelapse on Youtube). Thank you for staying with me all this time!

The game core was rewritten 3 times and I was very happy to receive so many positive beta testers' reviews, which inspired me to go on, as well as critique from the incremental genre connoisseurs, which helped me to spot and fix weak gameplay aspects and make the game better.

And I'm proud that the game facebook community has grown up to 7600 members. And the game got acknowledgement from the professionals: it took the 3rd place at Big Indie Pitch Prague, 4th place at Big Indie Pitch San Francisco, 3rd place at Big Indie Pitch Sweden and 2nd place at Indie Blast Kiev!

As the Big Indie Pitch Prague prize, my Steampunk Idle Spinner will be highlighted in PocketGamer on the 20th Dec. So, while we have a few days before the release, I'd like to ask you for a favour.

Please, download the Google Play beta or join TestFlight iOS testing and stress-test the game. If you find something strange, please, tell me and submit me the report from the ingame interface to let me recreate the situation. I've worked hard during the last 18 months and I'm ready to work even harder to provide the most polished game on the 20th.

Thank you for all your help! Have fun!

Full mobile release of 20000 Cogs under the sea

The first of the Steampunk Idle Spinner worlds goes to the full release!

Please, download the game from these links and leave reviews to it:
Google Play

Only we as a community can make the game visible in the stores. And in the meanwhile I'll prepare the massive update of the Classic worlds.

Progress in game art

I'm returning to the first world of Steampunk Idle Spinner, which is Workshop, if you remember. The classic game will receive new features, earlier they were successfully test-driven in the "Engineer Millionaire" and "20000 Cogs under the Sea" games. Also the art will be improved.

These gif show the upcoming visuals of the start setup. You can compare it with the earlier game version.

Massive content update of Engineer Millionaire!

TLDR: Engineer Millionaire 0.4.4 is available!

Today is a #screenshotsaturday and 9 months ago I pushed the first version of Engineer Millionaire to Google Play. Prety solid term to look around and define, where I am now.

As some might remember, this game evolved from my other project, Steampunk Idle Spinner, which is is development since June 2017, so, for 16 months. Recently I saw a fun picture in fb, here it is

... well, that's not my case :) In my approach the development goes in a spiral pattern in the 3rd dimension. And I return to previous projects with new knowledge and technologies.

So, to move forward with Steampunk Idle Spinner (which had 3 worlds and around 40 various machines in the end of 2017), I had to rebuild the game core, which would provide a convenient way to design bizarre mad science machines, interations between them and the player, resource transmission, production chains, etc.

To avoid breaking all that what was already working (and here goes my favourite programmer's joke ), I made the fourth world as a separate release.

So, finally this branch of development has these useful features: - ability to drag machines all over the screen - system of LEGO-like "pins", to which the machines stick - detailed machines' properties, available on long-tap - statistics system, which helps me balance the game and you keep track on your earnings - bug-report system: the player can send me a small .png file where all the machines data is encoded, this helped greatly to define the troublesome points - as well as plenty ways for player's touch interaction, territory exploration, solid system for adding new entities and concepts.

The ability to desing new machines and connections in the new game engine is such that I sometimes add new elements into the game during a 1-hour stream.

To be more concrete, here's what you get in Engineer Millionaire. This game is all about mad science. All what you have at first is the ingenious machine, which produces money while you spin its cogwheel.

As you earn money, more opportunities are unlocked for you:
  • engines, which will work while you are away
  • coal mines, which dig for fuel for your engines
  • balloons, which travel far away and bring money back
  • coin stompers and real magnifying glasses, which increase the value of coins passing by
  • teleporters for coins, which help you organize cash flows and money cycles
  • portals, which generate narrativium to give you boosts when you restart the game (prestige).
Engineer Millionaire is now available on:
  • Android
  • PC Windows
  • Web
  • and, finally, iOS! I've compiled ipa, it runs successfully even on my old iPad 2, so send me your TestFlight email and I'll invite you to the beta within few days (as soon as I figure our how to do it).
The game has wikia (going to fill info on new machines there), facebook group (I'm very proud that the game has such a community where players share their progress, give suggestions of the game future features, vote on them and discuss) and discord channel (set up by game's player, Schaap Juh)

I keep working hard to bring the game out of beta to the full release. It needs some balansing, fine tweking, and, perhaps, adding additional world here.

Then I'll move Steampunk Idle Spinner to the new engine.

And then, with boosted knowledge and skills, I might return to my old game of a dream and complete my own Civilization.. or civIDLEzation? But it will be another, distant story.


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