New production chain added to Farm&Mine beta!

Farm&Mine's beta testing is going on. Thanks to you many bugs were fixed and interface improvements were made. Now, in v.0.5.2 the whole new production line was added. It is: Grass -> Milk -> Cheese -> Pizza (pizza will also require flour and vegetables)

Test version 0.5.2 is available on

Google Play



Please, play it and share your impressions and suggestions in our Discord:

Beta test of Farm & Mine starts!

Farm&Mine is the farming and mining simulator combined. We originated game at the 3-day game jam in April. At that time it was only a small part of the future game, and now you can play it much more and unlock new fun mechanics and build production chains.

Android (Google Play):

PC (Itch):

Share your impressions and suggestions at our Discord:

Players of Steampunk Idle Spinner series can create own mods!

The games Steampunk Idle Spinner, Engineer Millionaire and 20 000 Cogs under the Sea have been updated to v.2.1.1 on Itch and the engine of newest version allows modding! The players can create own graphical mods for these games.

Video instructions for modmakers available.

In English


Share your mods and ask questions in the #mods channel of our Discord server (which has now over 7000 members!)

Evolution Arena: sandbox for living rock, paper and scissors fighting for survival

For long we wanted to release a sandbox game about artificial life, and here it is! Meet Evolution Arena, where the creatures, who look like living rocks, paper and scissors, fight for survival, chase and eat each other.

Have fun by placing the creatures and spectating how they behave.

The game is available on 

Game reviewed by GamesKeys

Share your results and suggest new features for this or other Airapport games in our Discord!

Steam group for Airapport Games

Looks like our team is mature enough to produce a good game for Steam. So far we have been working on a series of steampunk building/resource management games which we released for PC (Itch) and Mobile (Google Play, AppStore, Amazon). We want to combine the best approaches from them and combine the content to provide you great playing experience here.

We have created a discussion in Steam community to collect your ideas and feedback. lease, join: 


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