Save the Paintings

This game is about the fascinating world of art. All the world-famous paintings have disappeared and only you can restore them.

But don't worry: artistic skills are not required to win this game. The magic brush will do the work for you - just place the elements of the painting correctly.

You'll reveal 20 great paintings by such artist like Leonardo da Vinchi, Rembrandt, Kustodiev, Liotard and many others. Upon completion the level you'll get the information about the painting.

Game's awards:
Daily 2nd on Newgrounds!

You can find more information about the great painters and the composers, whose music was used in the game (Mozart,  Bach, Beethoven) in Wikipedia.


  1. Excellent well done this is great fun

  2. Excellent well done this is great fun

  3. Replies
    1. Bach - Minuet And Bandinerie
      Beethoven - Bagatelle For Elise
      Beethoven - German Dance
      Mozart - Rondo Alla Turca

  4. I love art! Playing this game is like I am practicing no how to draw and make my own work of art. The only problem about this game is the loading time. It took me more than 5 minutes before to play it.

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  5. Excellent well done this is great fun

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