Hello and welcome!

We are a small team of Oleksii Izvalov and Nadiia Serbina.

In game development since 2010. We released 30 games, 15 of which were award-winning on NewGrounds and Kongregate. We want to make the games which make players think and help them evolve their brains.

Current occupation:

Indie developer as Smart Flash Games since 2011

FGL game reviewer and administrator since 2012

Co-founder of We Do  - You Play studio since 2013


Feel free to contact us via
e-mail: general@cardswars.com
Skype: generalcfr
Reddit: GeneralVimes
Play Markethttps://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Airapport

Or leave your comments right here!


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  4. Greetings, steampunk game. I'd love it if you could set up a community forum for the game. The Facebook page is nice and all, but it doesn't really enable conversation. The community would love it, and I think you might find it invaluable to future updates, to focus in on what we're enjoying.
    Thank you for your time.

    1. Hello! Cool idea! Do you have any suggestions on what platform to use for forum creation? Right now we have fb group and wikia, at it was simplests to create

  5. http://goo.gl/QRt22X
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  6. Played Babel Tower for several hours, after closing the computer and later entering again, the game does not remember the progress!!!! Wasted time!!!! Then what's the purpose of the cookies, if not saving the game?

  7. I don't know if you have implemented this or not, but I would like to be able to buy forest expander because I have lvl29 Smoke Machine, lvl126 Water Pump, and lvl83 Forest, yet I can produce only ~1k wood/s. Therefore, I think the solution would be expanding the forest itself.

  8. In Babel Tower, as of 1.0.7, you're unable to click the treasure bags in the windows of the building. As soon as you click them the window doors close, you get no money and no prompt of how much money they've given you. Please fix.

  9. It would be great if someone could just stop by Babel Tower to let us know you haven't abandoned the game. It's horribly unbalanced right now, the comments are full of complaints, and we haven't heard a word for 3½ weeks.

  10. In babel tower when i buy the golden coin artifact I instead get the Golden tree artifact. Needs a fix please :(

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