Cloudy Shaman: quick reaction. Tap, swipe and clear the sky!

This is an excellent game to train your reaction and decision-making in quickly changing circumstances!

You are a shaman who works at an airport. You should cast good weather. The screen is your tambourine - show how good your reaction and decision-making are!


Tap left or right side of the screen or swipe it to the left or to the right to remove the clouds and provide good weather.
But be careful: if the ritual is performed in a wrong way, the clouds will start moving quicker.

The rituals are simple at first:
  • Rainy clouds (grey): tap the side from which they are incoming
  • Snowy clouds (white): tap the opposite side from that where they are incoming
  • Hail clouds (red): swipe horizontally towards them
  • Thunderstorm clouds (purple): swipe horizontally along their movement
But at night the rituals are changed to the opposite. How many days can you stay?

The game's first version was made within 48 hours for Global Game Jam Ukraine 2016.

I was the event organizer, was busy during the whole event, but I found 8 hours to make a prototype.

The game combines the Jam's Theme (Ritual) and one of the Diversifiers (Local game for local people). As the first Ukrainian GGJ was held in the Kirovograd Flight Academy, the game is about a Shaman in the airport.

The Jam version used accelerometer and the player's task was either to shake the device or to tap it, depending on the direction of the clouds' flight. But for the Play Market release I changed the control to taps and swipes, created 4 types of clouds and for more fun implemented the day/night change.

I want to release the game independently to keep the full control and authorship over it.


Programming language/technology/engine: Action Script 3/Adobe Air/Starling

Players' reviews:
Fun tapping game with day/night rules changing
- Vitukhin Sergey, PlayMarket

Gret game for reaction training! Very addictive!
- Oksana Danilko, PlayMarket


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