Transmutation: upcoming game about alchemist's lab

UPD Game is released! Have fun!

Google Play:

Transmutation is the upcoming game from Airapport. It will feature the alchemist's lab and conversion of various elements with a Philosopher's stone.

You are the alchemist: medieval mad scientist! All what you have at the start is Air. But then you discover, how to get other elements: Water, Slime, Earth, Rock, Fire and so on!

As you alchemy laboratory grows, you can spend elements to upgrade the transmutation power or to create a whole world of you own. Once created, the world will help you boost your laboratory.

The game contains:
- 14 various and often unexpected elements
- 17 planet quests: from atmosphere to dinosaurs
- nice animations of elements transmutations and world creation
- weekly rewards (check for details)
- integrated tutorial
And provides hours and days of fun in the mad science and alchemy setting!

Please, leave a comment and share the time you needed to unlock the 7th and the 14th element, along with any other suggestions you'd like to have in the game

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  1. Replies
    1. Soon, soon it will be playable, my friend :)

  2. It is finally out

  3. there are sporting goods that are very cheap but the quality is not very good-

  4. Well, how do i play it on Windows? I know the other games have Windows versions too..

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