Babel Tower - upcoming HTML5 idle game by Airapport

Soon we will be ready to show you Babel Tower - our newest HTML5 idle game!


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  6. I was born around 3 years after WoW was released, and I remember my dad playing it let me run around on the mounts and ruin his characters (I still feel bad about that) on our old PC. Even now, I still play this game and enjoy it. I've started to actually play and enjoy the game for what it is. Doing dungeons, raids, actual quests, and talking to other players!

    However, the actual fanbase is pretty horrid. I remember even back then when I was younger that the more experienced players were elitist and full of themselves. And sadly, even on the high population servers, nobody really talks in chat. It might be the areas I'm in or something, but there's nobody who will actually talk to me.

    I must admit, I do get a little bored when playing the more stand-still classes such as Druid, Mage, and Hunter. I just don't enjoy standing there as my enemy comes hurdling towards me. That's a personal preference though.

    Personally, I prefer playing on the Alliance and I really enjoy the new player experience! It offers a lot of good advice on how to play the game and I've even met some pretty friendly players that I hand out with now! I totally recommend this game to all players! New and old.



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