Big content update 1.0.7 for Idle Tower Builder

Idle Tower Builder v.1.0.7 is completed!

You can get it from 

This is how the tower looks like now:

New machines

  • Fountain. Unlocks after floor 8 completion. Price: 50B coins. Waters the Grass Field and increases its output. 
  • Gunpowder Factory Unlocks after floor 12 completion. Price: 10N coins. Produces gunpowder from planks.
  • Cannon. Appears after Gunpowder Factory purchase on the top of the elevator. Launches the bricks to the higher floors of the tower.
  • Bungee Jumper. Unlocks after floor 13 completion. Price: 200N coins. Increases the value of the money from the tower windows and automatically collects it.
  • Moon stairs. Unlocks after floor 16 completion. Price: 100B science. Connects the Tower with the Moon and lets you mine the Moonstone
  • Moon Tower. Appears after Moon stairs purchase. Needs Moonstone to grow. When it's higher than the currently constructed level, it increases the number of Bricks added to it.

Balance adjustments

  • Zeppelin with tourists is unlocked after floor 6 completion. Its every 75th upgrade increases the income from the tourists 1024 times.
  • Elephant is unlocked after floor 5 completion
  • Clock is unlocked after floor 15 completion. Its price and upgrades now cost science instead of coins. Its time-speeding effect is now doubled
  • Underground water drill is unlocked after floor 7 completion
  • Helicopter is unlocked after floor 9 completion
  • Caravanserai is unlocked after floor 10 completion
  • Telescope is unlocked after floor 14 completion
  • Cloud maximum capacity is increased, so, it is no longer mitigates the effect from the Smoke Machine upgrade.

Other improvements

  • After the building restart, the available facilities are automatically purchased if they cost less than 0.1% of money available
  • After the building restart, all the facilities are automatically upgraded, by spending 0.01% of money available on them
  • Detailed informers of the resource gain/spend added for the Forest, Smoke Machine and Water Pump (added in 1.0.6)
Note: slots for new machines are unlocked at the moment of the floor completion. So, if you are playing the previous version, and have reached, for example, floor 14, we suggest you to collect Golden Bricks and restart your building after updating to 1.0.7


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