Conquicktory, our minimalistic turn-based strategy, is ready for pre-registrations!

Hello, friends! It's time to show you the game which I have always wanted to make. It is a minimalistic turn-based strategy focused on high-level decisions. I have made some progress with it 5 years ago, but later the development got stalled. BTW, it was my strategy game project, which I paused in summer 2017 to make the first version of Steampunk Idle Spinner to refresh my mind :) 

From time to time I have returned to the idea of TBS in my thoughts, and in code. Maybe you have noticed hexagonal maps in our Discord's screeshots channel? And finally, I can show you how I play Conquicktory (yes, this is the game's name). Here is the video with my voice comments: 

Players's field of actions includes diplomacy, budget spreading and strikes planning. You plan your strikes by drawing arrows on the map, and your armies follow these arrows, capturing hexes around. You can defeat the enemy army in the field battle, or outmaneuver them and cut off their supply lines.
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Cities' income is aggregated into the Empire budget. You decide, which percentage of the budget should be spent on war, and which - on peaceful development. Your armies receive reinforcements automatically depending on the funding.
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Players can declare wars and propose peace. They take into account their estimations of the third countries' threat levels when making diplomacy actions. You can check the diplomacy situation in the world on a special map view.
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If you like it, please, wishlist the game on your favorite platform


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  2. This is great news! Pre-registration for Conquicktory is a great option for those who want to be the first to experience the game. Having custom website development for the game will ensure the best gaming experience possible. I can't wait to see what the game has in store for us!



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