Idle Tower Builder update 1.4: content for floors up to 30 and winter skin!

 Idle Tower Builder has received a new major update, expanding your play by 4 more floors. You'll get the victory message once you complete the floor 31. And you'll be able to reach this high with the aid of facilities which are unlocked by the floors below.

Game can be downloaded from

The content in this update is focused on boosting your click power. While Golden Bricks (game's prestige currency) boost 3 aspects of the game: Market Prices, Production and Click Power, there are additional facilities for further boosts. They are Caravanserai (increases Market Prices, unlocked after floor 10, able to auto-sell goods) and Neon Lights Ads (increases productivity, unlocked after floor 20, requires random resources to work).

So, floor 30 unlocks the Global Click Booster - a facility that increases the click power. Its bonus is applied both to the player's clicks and to the drones' clicks.

Yes, the game now has Autoclicker Drones! Floor 27 unlocks a Hive for them, which recharges the drones and sends them to various facilities to provide click boosts. Number of drones, their click power and their flying speed can be upgraded. As the drones keep clicking even if the game is offline, they provide a significant boost to productivity.

As may players have noticed, late game has redundance of wood. So, in the new update floor 28 unlocks an alien technology of conversion of planks into bricks! The Quantum Convertor will produce a significant addition to your building material. Its conversion coefficient, number of simultaneous conversions and conversion speed can be upgraded, too.

Where can we get enough money for all these upgrades, you might ask. Remember the Asteroids Catcher from the previous upgrade? Now after floor 29 you can Teleport part of the asteroid down from the orbit and sell them! Or teleport them back to the orbit and use them as a source of bricks making.

To let you easier get back to the game (or for a quicker start if you are just going to start playing) I prepared 2 bonus codes for you. Please, enter them via Menu -> Daily Bonus -> Weekly Gifts

EI48U2O: Money multiplied x2

EAKX69H: Time forward 1 day

Codes valid till Dec 6th

Make sure to use the time forward code after you have automated the production chains (to avoid wasting it). And it's better to activate the money multiplication code if your money amount is greater than 0, obviously.

Friends, I want to thank you again for your continuous support, ingenious suggestions and informative bug reports! I remember my promise to add one more tower into the game (most like this will be Eiffel Tower first) and I keep working to fulfil it one day.

Feel free to join our Discord community:


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