Today is 404 days of full-scale invasion. Our country, Ukraine, needs your help to defend from terrorussians

Dear friends! 

As you know, we live in Ukraine. And on 24th Feb 2022 we, like everyone in our country, were woken up by the explosions of the terrorussian's missiles. 

Russian invasion is still going on for over a year. Every day of these 404 days the terrorussians destroy houses, schools, hospitals and kill people. Ukrainian defense forces are valiantly fighting to stop them, but the invasion is not over yet.

We stay in Ukraine and keep working: teaching and developing games. Often our work is interrupted by the air raid siren, so we have to go to the bomb shelter together with our students. Russians missiles and drones are most often aimed at the civilian infrastructure, as they want to leave us without electricity, central heating and drinking water. 

We are deeply thankful to all our friends from the whole world who are helping Ukraine and Ukrainians in this noble cause. Please, keep your life-saving support! As the terrorussians don't stop, we must not stop either. Only this way we can defeat the Evil.

There are multiple ways you can help. 

There are volunteer projects organized by game developers, such as: O-Pocket  and Gamedev under Bombs. There are bigger initiatives like Come Back Alive  or UNITED 24

Please, support a fund and a direction of your choice. Your donations can help buy life-saving supplies for the Ukrainian defenders, remove dangerous mines from the Ukrainian land, provide aid for those who had to leave their houses or lost a place to live, or rebuild barbarically damaged Ukrainian cities. 

Also you can help by sharing news about how Ukraine is defending and how it is vital to support our country. Ask your governments to provide powerful means which could give the Ukrainian defense forces leverage against the terrorussians' offensive.

We really appreciate your support!

We will win together!


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