Airapport will play own idle games on a series of streams

Starting from June 14th we are launching a series of streams where the developer will play the games for 1 hour a day (30 minutes in the evening and 30 minutes in the morning), talk to the players, discuss new ideas and suggestions, answer questions, share game secrets and tactics. 

We are going to start from Idle Tower Builder game, and then proceed to Farm and Mine, Steampunk Idle Spinner, Engineer Millionaire, 20 000 Cogs under the Sean and Transmutation. 

First stream:
Airapport idle games are available for Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. 

1. Steampunk Idle Spinner
That's the game with "Incredible contraptions" vibe. You have a money-producing machine and you can make it spin faster by connecting additional cogwheels. Also you'll unlock new machines which will boost your earnings, and finally - a portal which leads to other ingame world with new discoveries.
Game contents: 4 ingame worlds with over 50 various mechanisms
Mobile links:
2. Idle Tower Builder (Babel Tower)
In this game you optimize the production of bricks needed to build the tower which reaches to space. The higher the tower becomes the more bricks you need. Every floor unlock a facility which makes a certain aspect of tower construction easier. Also you can prestige and restart construction using the bonus of Golden Bricks
Game contents: 31 floors to the victory message, 40 various facilities. Besided the main tower there is a contest mode for the Babel tower construction
Mobile links:
3. Farm and Mine
This is a city building/resource management tycoon game. You have 3 main resources: money, population and ideas. Money is used for efficiency upgrades, population is used to hire workers who will automate production and ideas unlock new facilities.
Game contents: 48 work facilities, 24 professions, 45 inventions, 6 cats
Mobile links:
4. Engineer Millionaire (Coin Factory Idle)
Engineer game expands the ideas of Steampunk Idle Spinner and is more focused on factory building. You can build a factory made of rooms and the place machines inside these rooms. In another ingame worlds you can construct an assebmly line and handle resource conversions on a conveyor belts
Game contents: 2 ingame worlds with over 35 various mechanisms
Mobile links:
5. 20 000 Cogs under the Sea (Underwater Factory)
This game was inspired by Joules Verne’s Captain Nemo adventures and features underwater steampunk contraptions. You can mine for resources on the sea bed, explore territory and eventually reach the surface.
Game contents: 1 ingame worlds with over 25 various mechanisms
Mobile links:
6. Transmutation (Idle Alchemy Lab)
This game is focused on elements conversion and world building. Convert element A to element B with a certain coefficient, then wait till element B self-converts back to element B with a slightly higher coefficient. Repeat. Use produced substances to create a world and populate it.
Game contents: 19 elements, 36 world items
Mobile links:


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