Civilizations Builder - First Testing

We proudly present the first playable version of our own mobile turn-based strategy.

Civilizations Builder
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The game is a turn-based strategy with a focus to the strategic planning without a micromanagement.

Features available now:
- territory expansion
- military conquests
- settling over the territory
- territory improvement
- city improvement
- scouting
- diplomatic influence: rebellion inspirations, separating the provinces from the country, zone of influence expansion and annexing the satellites. 

How to play
Before the game starts you can select the water surface percentage, landmass type (pangaea, continents, archipelagos), the number of computer opponents, and the map size.

In the left side of the game interface there is a strategic planning panel. When you tap its buttons, the subtasks selection will be open. Here you can assign the tasks by drawing on the map.

- Scouting. You can set up which territories to explore
- Building. Plan what improvements must be built on the hexes
- War. Select an Arrow, then tap on your territory to start forming an army. You can set the army's route by swiping. Also you can set the max army strength in this dialogue.

- Outer policy. Here you can found the colonies. Also you can control, which ideas should be supported in your cities and in the enemies' cities. Check the detailed ideas guide below.
- Territory expansion. Select which hexes must be included into your country first.
- Science. For now only the marine branch of the science is partially implemented. If you live next to the sea you'll be able to explore ocean tiles and expand over the sea tiles eventually. Science interface will be out in one of the upcoming versions.

Making moves
You can play in turn-based mode or in real-time mode with pause. The moves control is in the bottom-right screen corner.
Drag the game speed selector to set the game speed. It can be 1 move each 5, 2, 1, 0.5, 0.2, or 0.1 seconds. Tap the circle to pause/unpause the game. You can select the most left selector position for the turn-based game mode. Then each tap on the circle is 1 turn.

If you are playing from PC, pressing Space key is equal to tapping the moves control.

Resources in the game:
Food - gathered from fields, huner camps and fishermer villages. It's increased by the granary and used for population growth.
Labor - gathered from mines, increased by the forges and used for city and terrain improvement. 
Power (Rule) - gathered from obelisks and barracks, used for territory expansion and ideas propaganda on your territory. 
Soft power (diplomatic influence) - generated by the temples, increased by the diplomatic academy, used for ideas propaganda on the enemy territory. 
Sentry - gathered from the hunting camps, used to explore the territory. 
Migration - generated by the cities which population is higher than their capacity. Used to found the colonies.

Military power - generated by fortresses, increased by barracks, used in battle mechanics.

How to conquer territories
Military power, which is produced by a province, is spread on its territory. When you create an army, part of the military power goes to it. Army needs military power to support its strength and heal casualties.
When two armies are on the adjacent cells, the battle starts. The battle takes place also when one player's army is on the territory of another player. If the enemy's territory military control is reduced to zero, this territory is captured. If you capture a city, then you gain control over the whole province.

City improvements
When you tap your city a building window opens. In the top of it you'll see the current population level/current living capacity. Below there's a list of possible and available buildings. When you tap a building icon you'll see the info. And each building has a button to start/stop the upgrade.

Buildings can be upgraded unlimitedly, just the upgrade price is getting higher.

If the city has more population than the available living capacity, migration points will be generated. If at this moment a colony is being build, the migration points will be invested in its building. And when it's ready once citizen from the most overpopulated city will move there. Otherwise, if no colony is being built, the citizen will just leave the city when enough migration points are generated.

Political processes of the civilization are defined by the ideas, supported by the citizens. Those, who control the ideas will control the world's destiny. You can spread the ideas in your and foreign cities by using your diplomatic influence and rule.

(Late phase of the game: so many countries want the city of Monad to become their colony. But the idea of keep the things as they are (STABLE) has the most of the supporters for now)

Every turn some of the current ideas supporters get bored of this idea and they give up. Then the countries, which have influence over the current city, for new supporters (of those citizens who don't currently support any idea). And, finally, the supporters of the strongest idea, spread it among the neutral citizens.
When the support of one of the ideas exceeds 50% the political situation of the country or a city is changed.

What ideas you can spread

Being happy of the current situation. By default this idea is set in your own cities.

Joining your country completely. You can spread it in your satellite's capital (the the country will be annexed by you completely) or in its cities, to annex it gradually.

Including the country into you sphere of influence. You can spread this idea in the capital of an independent state. If you succeed it will become your colony (satellite).

Rebellion. You can spread it in the cities of your rivals to make them break apart. Or, if you became a colony of another country, you can start supporting the rebellion idea in your capital, to set you free.

Please, note:
to propagate the ideas in your cities you'll spend Rule (generated by obelisks and barracks). and to propagate them in the foreign cities you'll spend soft power (generated by temples and diplomatic academies).

You are welcome to test the game and share your impression in comments.

Previous version pf this post:

As this is the first version, without a proper tutorial, please, read this manual carefully.

First you should develop your territory. Press the bottom-left button (with a scroll) and then the 2nd bottom button (with a shovel).

You can build:

- hunters camp (+ 1 to food, +1 to sentry)
- field (+1 to food)
- mine (+1 to labor)
- fishermen willage (+1 to food)
- obelisk (+1 to rule)

When you tap a building button, the hexes, which allow this type of building, will be highlighted. When you tap one of the hexes, the confirmation window will appear.

If you want to cancel building in progress, tap it and press (X) in the info panel.

Also right on the first move you'll need to set up territory sentry (2nd top button with a spyglass)

If you tap your city, the city panel will be open (to the right). You'll be able to build and upgrade your buildings, or launch the projects of direct labor conversion to other resources.

Buildings (from right to left):

- granary (+10% food)
- temple (+10% rule)
- housing (+2 living space)
- forge (+10% labor)
- diplo academy (more effective labor to soft power conversion)
- scouts school (more effective labor to recon conversion)

The initial labot to other resources conversion rate is 10:1, but it can be increased by building and upgrading the appropriate buildings.

Also on the city panel you'll see the city name, it's population level and living capacity.
Then there's a list of resources produced in this province.
The disaster points accumulated here. For now there are 2 disasters: hunger and overpopulation (crowd).

When hunger+crowd>10*citypopulation, then one citizen leaves the city. But if you are building a colony, the "crowd" disaster points can be spent to expedite its building.

When the colony is established, it will give you 10% of its resources. But this will create revolutionary thoughts there. To handle them you must create a diplomatic influence (top in the left column) project in your colony. Eventually you'll be able to integrate it fully into your empire.

But beware! There are 2 AI-controlled countries in the game. They micht create a diplomcy influence project in your capital. And you'll notice nothing until one day you'll see that you are someone's sattelite. To avoid this, build obelisks and upgrade the temple.

End turn button - in the bottom-right screen. corner.

You can exit to the main menu via settings (top-left button) and create another map. You can set the map type and the water percentage.

We will be happy to know your opinion and suggestions.


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