Similar Games Network Builder

This is a tool for building networks of Similar apps on GP.

Here is how to do it:
1. Get the application here
2. Input the number of similar games to take into account (5), number of games to check (31) and the package of the first game.
3. Press the red button
4. The app will start working, informing you in the upper console
5. When the work is completed, a text file in your Documents directory will be created. Its name is GPgraph-<package>-<similars>-<steps>.txt
6. In case is the .txt file was not created, its data will be copied to your clipboard. Create a txt file on your own.
7. Submit it here by pressing "Choose File" button.
Additional possibilities:
- you can start from any page with links to Google Play games
- you can press the blue button and load the previous results to continue your research

Data is visualized with Vis.JS. Use the mouse to change the view.

If you are a mobile developer, you'll definitely benefit from Enhance. It's a free technology of quick third party functions integration into your game.


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  3. Bigg Boss is an Indian Hindi language television reality show aired on a color TV channel in India. It follows the Dutch reality game show Big Brother format, which was first created by Endemol in the Netherlands. For more than 13 years, the show has produced 13 seasons and a spin-off version. The fourteenth season is scheduled to launch in the last week of September 2020. Bigg Boss also preaches in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Marathi. You can go to the web portal Big Boss Voting to see the details of Bigg Boss. You can go to the web portal bigg boss voting to see the details of Bigg Boss.

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