Shooting and looting in Steampunk Idle Spinner

In the Workshop and Clockwork cities of my Steampunk Idle Spinner game there were two ways of generating income: machine and balloons. In the Workshop world you could pump the balloons which would bring you coins from the void, and in the Clockwork city the Tax collectors on zeppelins attended every house and tavern and brought you money.

The floating Islands world needed additional way of income as well. The members of our facebook group suggested that it's time to add some shooting to the game mechanics. I was planning to base a separate world, like "Airship pirates", on the mechanics which involves buying cannons, upgrading them, shooting an looting enemy convoys, but I thought that Floating Islands world is a good place to add cannons, too.
So, here's how you are going to get money from balloons there:

You will buy a direction sign which will lead the gold-filled flying galleons to your air city. Then you can place 2 types of weapons (cannons and Tesla guns on your islands) on the islands along the galleons' path. You can empower these weapons by attaching engines to them or by applying upgrades.

Weapon upgrades upgrade both damage and range, but Tesla guns gain additional range growth, and cannons gain additional damage growth. When you see that your weapon is powerful enough to deal with incoming galleons easily you can upgrade the entry point to get a tougher targets and get more reward for downing them.

Players share their suggestions on Facebook (if you join now you have good chances to become the 2000th member!)

As next phase of game development I see polishing, improving UI, adding informers, like "coins per second" and "current upgrade level". Also some refactoring is needed before adding new worlds. s for the worlds I have really big goals: I want to feature all the main settings from Steampunk literature and movies here, and seeing such a great support from the community I'm sure I'll complete these goals!


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