Complete guide to Airapport games

Airapport is mobile game development studio, which started gaining popularity since the release of Steampunk Idle Spinner in 2017.

By now more than 1 million of players have downloaded our mobile games. We thank the players, who play our games, beta test them, share fresh ideas and suggestions, help us fix bugs by providing necessary information, and who review our games in the stores. Your support is very valuable!

Our mission is to revolutionize mobile idle gaming and to bring many interesting elements into the idle mechanics. The game engine, which we created while making Steampunk Idle Spinner, appeared to be very flexible, and allowed us to implement the most bizarre gameplay experiments, which lead to fun and unusual way of playing.

Here're our games.

Steampunk Idle Spinner

This is a "flagship product" of Airapport idle games. This game is all about mad science and exploration of steampunk worlds. The player starts in a workshop and all what is available at first is the ingenious money-making machine. Later on, as more income is gained, engines, cogwheels, pumps, mines and other gear becomes available. Once the workshop is fully equipped, a portal appears, which lets the player travel to other steampunk worlds: Clockwork City or Floating Islands.

Work started: June 2017
Released: Dec 2018
Download links: AmazonAppStoreGooglePlay
Contents: 3 steampunk worlds (Workshop, Clockwork City, Floating Islands) and 60+ various machines
Plans: Add more machines every 2 months.
Rating: 4.7/5
Awards: 3rd place at Big Indie Pitch Prague; 4th place at Big Indie Pitch San Francisco
Full presskit

Engineer Millionaire

This is a spin-off of Steampunk Idle Spinner originally made to test the mechanics of "Assembly line". This concept proved to be interesting, and eventually some gameplay core functions were adopted by Steampunk Idle Spinner. This game is about building your own factory, equipping  it with money-producing machines, mining for coal, fueling steam engines and using all the possibilities to increase your revenue. Being the playground for game development experiments, the game was released the third, in May 2019

Work started: Dec 2018
Released: May 2019
Download links: AmazonAppStoreGooglePlay
Contents: Assembly line world and 20+ various machines
Plans: Add one world, several machines, and release. Then add one more world.
Awards: 3rd place at Big Indie Pitch Sweden; 2nd place at Indie Blast Kyiv
Full presskit

20 000 Cogs under the Sea

This is the second spin-off of Steampunk Idle Spinner, made in response to the community request, "to make underwater worlds like in the Jules Verne's adventures of captain Nemo". This game starts on the underwater base, and you must extract oxygen from the underwater volcano. As you expand, mechanical crabs and fish, octopuses and whales start helping you gain more oxygen and reach the water surface. You even have a chance to discover Atlantis Crystals, which will boost your engines.

Work started: May 2018
Released: Nov 2018
Download links: AmazonAppStoreGooglePlay
Contents: Underwater world and 20+ machines and creatures
Plans: Update and add two more worlds (Surface and Space)
Rating: 4.7/5
Full presskit

Idle Eaters

To prove the capabilities of the game engine, it was used to make the supercasual linear idle game. In Idle Eaters you swipe the screen to feed various eaters: panda, robot, clown, gorilla, snowman and so on. As the eaters eat, you gain money. You can spend the money to upgrade the parameters of the eaters: speed, income, food multiplier. The game challenge is to define the optimal sequence of upgrades to reach higher levels faster,

Released: Feb 2019
Download links: AmazonAppStoreGooglePlay
Contents: 20 unlockable eaters
Plans: Add 2 more eaters every 2 weeks
Rating: 4/5

Easter Eggs Assembly Line

Easter game about managing chicken farm and painting Easter eggs. Hen produce eggs, which roll down to the storage. The player controls the painting machines, which apply various patterns on the eggs. The colored eggs are priced higher than the regular eggs. Player can spend earnings to unlock new hen in fancy outfit.

Released: Apr 2019 (Pre-registration unlit 17th Apr 2019)
Download links: AmazonAppStoreGooglePlay
Contents: 20 unlockable hens, 5 colors, 20 egg patterns
Plans: Add 2 more farms: Sheep farm and Cow farm after Easter.

Players' Community

Many players of Airapport interact in the social channels. They share their creations, discuss best strategies to maximize ingame revenue and propose new game ideas! Join the following platforms if you are looking to have more fun with the co-minded people:

  • Facebook group - the biggest community of players, counts 7000+ members from all over the world.
  • Discord channel - recently reached 130 members
  • Fandom encyclopedia - contains all the parameters of the game objects and the strategies on their usage
  • Youtube channel - the developer runs livestreams there and shares timelapses of the game development videos
  • Subreddit - around 30 members
  • VK group - will be interesting for the Russian-speakers


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