Steampunk Idle Spinner: press kit


Build incredible steampunk machines, spin cogwheels, launch balloons, mine for ore and empower your awesome contraption. The machines will produce money to spend on building even more powerful machines. And once you reach the limit, you can build a portal to repeat your adventure from the start or to travel to other steampunk, dieselpunk or gaslight fantasy worlds and explore them.

This incremental game is all about exploration, invention and mad science. Your story begins in a workshop and all what you have is a machine, which produces coins for rotating a cogwheel. Later on you'll will discover that after buying another gear and connecting it to the central pins will make the first one spin faster.

You have never seen a game like this: this is an idle game where you actually build the machines, which will bring you income. You are doing this by combining the connecting parts and discovering new machine setups. More and more ways to boost your idle earnings and active play income will appear.  Steam engines will work even when the game is offline, mines produce ore, which boosts the main machine's production and vapor collector powers the balloon pumps and produces instant powerups.


  • Various mad science contraptions, which can be connected in multiple fun ways
  • You start in a small workshop having only one machine, but then you expand your laboratory and fill it with powerful contraptions
  • Multiple hidden mechanics which boost your income. Some are explained after a while of playing, but you should be a real explorer and mad scientist to uncover all of them
  • Engines will work while you are away, producing you idle cash 💰
  • Big community in facebook: share your creation to 7600 group members
  • Contains only rewarded ads, which are launched by the player to increase earnings
  • Works in offline mode without internet 📶 connection
  • Receive your daily reward 💲 by catching community promotion plane



The first version of this game was made to combine tow popular trends of 2017: spinners and idle games. But the gameplay grew much deeper than the simple fusion of these two concepts. In fact, this is the first idle game where the player actually (not just by tapping a button) influences how the money will be earned and spectates the results of own work.

Initial development progress was completed in June 2017 during a 3-days gamejam. As the concept proved to be interesting for the players, the development continued. The development of the game is screencast and then published as 1:60 timelapse video. Some development phases are broadcast to the players as live videos and often the players' suggestions are implemented online.

By the end of 2017 the game beta had 3 worlds: Workshop, Clockwork City and Floating Islands. But to prepare the game for the release much additional work was needed. Thus, to experiment with the game engine changes, the fourths and the fifth worlds were released as separate games: Engineer Millionaire and 20000 Cogs under the Sea. This allowed the developer to test upcoming features and convenient interface enhancements without breaking those what was already working. Finally, in December 2018 the new engine is implemented into the original game and the game was prepared for the release.

The developer is a long time fan of steampunk and the primary sources of inspiration for the game were: mechanisms which the developer built with cogs during school years, webcomic "Girl Genius", anime "Laputa: Castle in the Sky" and Reginald Pikedevant's music video "Just Glue Some Gears On It (And Call It Steampunk)".


Main trailer:
Animated GIFs:


Awards & Recognition

  • "Big Indie Pitch Prague - 3rd place." Steampunk Idle Spinner, Feb 2018
  • "Big Indie Pitch San Francisco - 4rd place" Steampunk Idle Spinner, Feb 2018
  • "Get IT Conference Odessa - Expo game." Steampunk Idle Spinner, Sep 2017
  • "Games Gathering Kiev - Expo game." Steampunk Idle Spinner, Dec 2017
  • "Game Dev Days Tallinn - Expo game." 20 000 Cogs under the Sea, Apr 2018
  • "Pocket Gamer interview" Airapport, Jun 2018
  • "Steampunk Explorer Digest20 000 Cogs under the Sea, Aug 2018
  • "Big Indie Pitch Sweden - 3rd place." Engineer Millionaire, Oct 2018
  • "Indie Blast - 2nd Place in Best Mobile" Engineer Millionaire, Dec 2018

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About Airapport

Airapport is an independent game development studio founded by Alexey Izvalov in 2010. First it was making web games (such as "Cards Wars" and "Alien Anarchy"), which won multiple prizes at Newgrounds and Kongregate portals and were played tens of millions of times worldwide. On mobile Airapport's games were downloaded 1 000 000 times in the total. Main mobile titles are Steampunk Idle Spinner and Strategilization.

Airapport actively supports game jam movement, for Alexey Izvalov being the Regional coordinator of Global Game Jam in the Eastern Europe. Own games made during Ludum Dare got into Top-100 in innovation twice (among 2700 participants)


Alexey Izvalov
Lead Developer
Nadiia Serbina
Game designer, Project manager
Music by Kevin McLeod
Translators: Rayan Shehata - Italian Colin Cinquino, Tim Trevoz - French Cezary Goździk, Maciek Andrusewicz - Polish 黃和和 - Traditional Chinese Tycho Siebel, Sem Goessens, Peppino Wilbers, Cezary Goździk, Zirk Seljee - Netherlands Mircea Burdusa - Romanian Pontus Ivarsson - Swedish Rasmus Kirkeby - Danish Teemu Kammonen - Finnish




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