Steampunk Idle Spinner: series of mobile games where you build incredible contraptions

Welcome, steampunk explorers and gaslamp fantasy mad scientists! 

Here you'll find all the information to build the most efficient and incredible contraptions.
All the information on the game machines is available in Wikia:
If you'd like to know some interesting facts about the games, please, check the presskits:
The game testing started since June 2017. So, below information is left for the historical reasons. The most actual information is in the Wikia links above.

Steampunk Idle Spinner is a mobile Android game where you can build your steampunk machine with cogwheels, engines, transmission and other gear. The game has now gremlins, balloons and portals!

Click here, if you are searching for the information about "20 000 Cogs under the Sea"

Current version: 1.1.1
Facebook group: join the discussion and influence the future of the game!
Game Wiki

Play in your browser on Kongregate

Great thanks to:
Tomasz Pietrzak - for streaming the game at Youtube channel!
黃和和 - for Chinese translation
Cezary Goździk - for Polish translation and streaming the game at Youtube channel!
Richard Hartemink, Zirk Seljee- for Dutch translation! Dank je!
Tim Thevoz - for French translation. Merci!

How to play:

  1. Spin the cogwheels with your finger.
  2. After every 10 rotations the connected coin machine will produce a coin
  3. As soon as you get enough money, you can purchase additional elements (by dragging the icon to the highlighted spots on the screen)
  4. These elements are: - cogwheels (increase speed ratio)
  • engines (will spin the attached cogwheels even when the game is inactive)
  • engine upgrades
  • balloon pumps (will produce balloons which will bring you coins)
  • balloon pump upgrades (will make the pumps produce more profitable balloons)
  • balloon speed upgrades (will make the balloons bring money faster)
  • hammers (hit the cogwheels and make them rotate
  • hammer upgrades
  • money machine upgrades (higher value coins produced from a machine)
  • money storage upgrades (the stored money will produce interest)
  • portal (will produce narrativium, needed to boost the production after the game restart)
  • portal power element (receives the rotational power and converts it into the portal's narrativium generation)
  • portal power element upgrade
  1. You can also sell engines, hammers and cogwheels by dragging a "recycle" button to them (from the bottom-left screen corner). You'll receive full refund minus the "recycle" ability cost (first it's 100 and grows very slowly). Also the item's price in the shop will be reduced (but not fully to the previous level, so, plan your machine building carefully)
  2. As soon as you restart (by tapping the portal or from the menu button), you'll see the narrativium machine next to your money storage (if you earned more than 0 narrativium on the previous run). It can be used for:
  • get money
  • increase time flow speed
  • discount the items in the shop
  1. There are also two secret ways to earn more coins and other bonuses, I wonder, who will be the first to find them :)

I'm tracking the time needed to build this game. For now I've spent more than 80 hours of pure coding. I'd be happy to receive your comments and suggestions.


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